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Once The Sanitary Napkin Is Opened, It Is Best Not To Use It For Longer Than This Time!

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Can the sanitary napkin be used for 6 months after opening?

It is not recommended to use. Sanitary napkins are absorbent materials. The main materials are high molecular polymer and high molecular polymer composite paper formed by cotton, non-woven fabric, pulp or a composite of these materials. Normally, sanitary napkins are sealed and stored Yes, once the sanitary napkins are opened, they will come into direct contact with the air and are easily contaminated. Therefore, a box of sanitary napkins generally takes one cycle and can be used for two menstrual periods at most. If it is longer, it is not recommended to use it. Open the sanitary napkin After 6 months, it is very likely that a deterioration reaction has occurred inside the sanitary napkin. It is recommended not to use it. After use, it may be harmful to health.

How long can the sanitary napkin be stored after it is opened?

It is recommended to use it as soon as possible, no more than two menstrual cycles at most. Sanitary napkins are items that every woman needs to use during her menstrual period. Therefore, the safety of sanitary napkins is very important. Care must be taken to save sanitary napkins after they are opened. Sanitary napkins cannot be stored in dark and humid places such as toilets. It should be stored in a dry and airtight space, such as a dust-proof bag or dust-proof box; sanitary napkins should not be put together with towels, underwear or wallets, change, etc., or they will easily be contaminated and lead to deterioration.

How long can the sanitary napkins expire?

It is recommended not to use expired sanitary napkins. Expired sanitary napkins usually give off an old smell. The adhesive of sanitary napkins may not be sticky anymore, and it is easy to leak menstrual blood. Therefore, it is recommended not to use expired sanitary napkins in terms of health and safety. .

Tips: The sanitary napkin is divided into three layers, namely the surface layer, the absorbent core, and the bottom layer. The back glue of the sanitary napkin is made of impermeable material, which can keep the menstrual blood in the sanitary napkin, and is used to absorb the menstrual blood that flows out of the vagina when women are menstrual.

The sanitary napkin has expired, can it be used without unpacking it?

It is not recommended to use. The expiration date is set according to the product characteristics and the production process. The sanitary napkin has expired, even if it is not unpacked, but inside the sanitary napkin, the reaction of deterioration has occurred, and the sanitary napkin is closely connected to the female private parts. , The use of expired sanitary napkins will bring many health risks to women’s health. Therefore, it is not recommended to use expired sanitary napkins.

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