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Looking for a way to add some style and personality to your facemask? Look no further than our aluminum nose wire! It’s soft and flexible, making it comfortable to wear, and comes in a variety of colors to suit your every need. Add one to your next order today!

This soft and flexible aluminum nose bridge is perfect for crafting or repairing face masks. It’s also a great way to add some personality to your look with its bright silver-white color. With a customizable MOQ of 1000 pieces, this nose wire wire is perfect for small businesses. ​our soft, flexible nose wire for use with face masks! This 80mm-90mm piece is perfect for your next crafting project and comes in silver-white to match any outfit. Add some personality to your mask with our customized option, and order wire nose now for fast shipping direct to your door.

Nose wire is the metal wire that is inserted into the nose piece of a KN95 mask. It helps to keep the mask in place and prevents it from slipping off your nose. Nose wire can bend and break if it is not inserted correctly or if the nose piece is not the correct size or shape. It can also become loose or bent if it is hit against a hard surface such as a table edge.

The nose wire strip is a thin rubber strip on the mask, which plays the role of fixing the mask on the nose wire , so the nose bridge strip is also called full plastic nose bridge strip, nose bridge tendon, nose bridge line, and nose clip. At present, there are a variety of nose bridge strips with different structures and materials in the market, which can be produced and used with different types of masks. It is mainly a hard strip inside the mask, which fixes the mask on the bridge of the nose and supports

The mask can increase the fit between the mask and the nose frame. It is made of polypropylene and is usually white. How to choose the appropriate structure of the nose wire for different types of masks.

1. Single core nose Wire strip

Single-core nose wire strips are the most commonly used type of nose wire strips and are generally used in flat masks, such as medical masks or disposable masks.

Conventional colors are white, black, transparent, and other colors can also be customized.

Common specifications are 2.5-3.0mm*0.5mm, other specifications can also be customized.

2. Double core nose Wire

The difference between the double-core nose wire strip and the single-core nose wire strip is that the plastic strip contains two wires.

Double-core nose wire strips are generally used in cup-shaped masks or folding masks, such as medical masks.

The conventional colors of the double-core nose bridge are white, black, and transparent. Other colors can generally be customized.

3. Full plastic nose Wire

The PE all-plastic nose bridge strip is environmentally friendly and does not hurt people. It is made of new material, and the surface is smooth and does not rebound.

All-plastic nose bridge strips are generally used in folding masks, cup masks, disposable masks, etc.

The common color is white, and other colors can also be customized.

4. Aluminum strip nose wire strip

The special aluminum strip nose wire strip for masks features: smooth surface, no burr, smooth oval angle, easy bending, and other characteristics, and can be perfectly welded with non-woven materials and environmental protection materials. It can make it in close contact with the corresponding parts of the wearer’s face, and can effectively block dust, smoke, influenza virus, etc.
Aluminum strip nose bridge strip is generally used in cup-shaped masks, and it is more effective when used in conjunction with the exhalation valve.

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Item name
Nose Wire Manufacturers Self-adhesive Aluminum Bridge Aluminum Nose Wire Nose Clips For Mask
100% Aluminum, Aluminum nose bridge strip with adhesive.
100 pieces
For folding and cup masks like N95
0.5g -1.5g

Excellent Property

It has the excellent property of bending and deforming with the action of external force, not rebounding without the action of
external force, and keeping the existing shape unchanged.
Wide Application
Sculpturing, wire weaving, decorating, crafting, beading, jewelry making, florist arranging, handmade DIY, gardening, or wrapping.

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