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Newborns Use Disposable Diapers Or Diapers

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Diaper is a daily necessity commonly used by babies, and is a general term for diapers, diapers, and pull-up pants. Dry diapers can keep babies awake all night long. Baomas like it very much. So do newborns use disposable diapers or diapers?

Do newborns use disposable diapers or diapers?

1. Diapers are things like trousers, which can provide full protection for newborn babies, but generally are older babies. The diapers used are disposable items. When the baby is urinating, it is easy to loosen up It needs to be replaced in time. If the baby is a newborn baby, then paper diapers must be used, of course, cotton diapers can also be used, but diapers need to be washed, and paper diapers are very convenient.

2. If you use cotton diapers for babies, it is easy for babies to put urine on their clothes, which seems very inconvenient. If you use paper diapers, the paper diapers are very absorbent and wet when the baby urinates. Or it can be thrown away in a timely manner after defecating, without washing, which is very labor-saving and labor-saving. At the same time, the price of paper diapers is not very expensive. A large package can be used for a long time without too much worry. Occasionally, a cotton diaper can be used.

3. Be sure to clean the baby’s farts in a timely manner after the baby’s bowel movements, so as not to cause the skin to appear red and swollen, because the baby’s skin is very delicate and it is easy to have some conditions, so in order to prevent these conditions, it is necessary to promptly Wash after defecating, and if the baby accidentally wets his clothes, he must change it in time, because urine may cause some irritation to the skin. If you can choose, of course, cotton diapers are better, children’s skin is more sensitive, diaper breathability and softness are not as good as diapers.

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