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Neonatal Diaper

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1, the skin of the newborn is very delicate, so the Q Baby Diapers needs soft and water absorption. Old clothes can be used, such as cotton sweaters, old cotton, white gauze, etc. to make diapers or pad under the diaper. Colors should be very faint, so it is easy to observe the color of urine and urine. Some of the diapers on the market use chemical fiber ingredients, not only the water absorption is not good, but also irritating.

2, each time newborns urination, should be replaced with clean diapers. If the diaper does not replace it in time and does not clean the buttocks after urination and defecation, the stimulation of the urine produces a small red dot. This is what people often say. When replacing the diaper, clean the baby’s buttocks with warm water and dry, especially the skin wrinkles. When cleaning the diaper, you must rinse the clean detergent to prevent urine rash caused by skin infection.

3, before replacing the Q Baby Diapers, first put a large diaper pad in the lower part of the baby, and suddenly appear urine blur binding when the baby changed the diapers. When you change the diaper, use one hand to lift the baby’s hip, and the other hand lightly removes the diaper. Newborns use diapers every day to replace about 5 times a day.

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