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It’s Not Necessarily A Bad Thing To Have A Lump In A Diaper And A Fault

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1. Tuo is hard

Hard is mostly in order to one-sided pursuit of water absorption and increase polymer, reduce wood pulp, no wood pulp water absorption after the formation of the gap, polymer is very easy to water absorption after condensation into a group, and then form a hard gel, so the baby will have uncomfortable feelings.

2. Soft lump

Soft is the wood pulp and polymer ratio is relatively balanced suitable, generally will not affect the activities of infants, if it means that the urine has been changed, does not belong to the quality problem.

3. The concept of “no lump, no layer” is controversial

The professional personage that is engaged in industry of maternal and child goods for many years thinks, “ceaseless layer cannot afford lump” can be regarded as a “false concept”. Strictly speaking, “lump and fault” is not a defect. Easy lump and fault is wood pulp and water absorption resin mixing is not good, a lot of water absorption is easy to cause the result. Hard lump is that the water absorption resin content is too high, mixing situation is not good, this is the design and product problems. However, the soft lump has no effect on the use, because it does not affect the baby’s activities and use.

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