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Is There A Time Standard For Changing Diapers

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In fact, there is no time standard for changing diapers. It depends on your baby’s own situation. Generally, diapers have urine output instructions. This can be understood based on multiple experiences. Generally, yellow means no urine is pulled, light yellow to light. Green means a small amount. When it comes to dark green, it means more urine output (the color is not necessarily the same, but the darker the color is, the more urine output). After more experience, you will know by touching it. Novice mothers don’t worry, take your time familiar. Generally speaking, when the urine volume is large, you can change it. Of course, it depends on the quality of the diapers. If the quality is good, you can install more. If the quality is average, you have to change more frequently.

In winter, if the urine output is low, it is not necessary to replace it. In summer, even if the urine output is low, but 2 or 3 hours have passed, this can also be changed to prevent red buttocks. At night, if the urine output is not very large, it is generally not recommended to replace it, because the replacement will disturb the baby’s rest. If the amount of urine is really large, it must be replaced, usually once a night. If the baby has a bowel movement, it must be replaced with a new diaper immediately. This does not need to consider time.

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