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Is It Hot To Wear Diapers In Summer

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Is it hot to wear diapers in summer:

1. Diapers are breathable

Diapers and aunt’s towels are actually very different! There is a layer of airtight PE film at the bottom of the aunt’s towel (marked in the red circle in the picture below) to prevent leakage, but there is no diaper. Diapers with good air permeability can quickly conduct heat and moisture in the baby’s urine. Therefore, sometimes the baby pee too much, and the outside of the diaper will feel damp to the touch.

2. Where is the magic of diapers

The better absorbent diapers on the market use Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), a new type of functional polymer material, which can absorb water that is tens to hundreds of times heavier than itself. It is gelatinous and it is difficult to squeeze out water even if it is pressurized. This is the legendary “good water absorption and no reverse osmosis”.

3. Why is it uncomfortable to use aunt’s towel?

Constantly pursuing thin and light aunt’s towels, the absorption capacity is naturally incomparable with that of diapers. Moreover, diapers mainly carry urine, while aunt’s towels contain viscous liquid… The absorption of viscous liquid is definitely more difficult than urine. Just pour some water, the body feel is completely different.

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