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Is It Bad For The Skin To Use Wet Wipes Frequently

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The skin is not that fragile, you see our skins are quite thick.

In order to clean the wet wipes, alcohol and other ingredients are indeed added to it, but this is within the range that the skin can bear.

If you only use wet tissues to clean your skin occasionally and there is no allergic reaction to your skin, it will be fine whether you wipe your hands or your face.

The claims circulating on the Internet that “cause the skin to become airtight and make the skin fragile” have no basis.

If you see it, pretend not to. However, some people do cleaning work more diligently.

In this case, wiping your hands is not a big problem, and you don’t have to worry about grabbing food with your freshly wiped hands. You will eat the “toxic ingredients” on the wet tissues. Nothing.

If you are doing facial cleansing, use it occasionally. In the long run, it is more recommended to choose the right facial cleanser according to your skin type, and use it once or twice a day; if you want to wash it at other times, just use water. Remember to moisturize during the day.

In fact, excessive cleaning in any way is not a good thing for the skin. This is not just a problem of wet wipes.

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