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If You Have Such Clean Wet Wipes At Home, Don’t Use Them For Children

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All the mothers know how useful baby wipes are, because they are clean and easy to use. The baby smells bad, the hands are dirty, the face is full of eating…Baby wipes can be used. You must know that child-raising artifacts also require magical skills. Use  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes for your baby. If you don’t get into the misunderstanding, the artifacts will become monsters! Eight misunderstandings of using  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes for babies

Misunderstanding 1: Big name = safety

Big names are not safe! What to do then? Le Ma is also very worried, especially in the face of the complicated baby products market. Rather than be trusted by big names, let’s look at the ingredients and be a “scientific” mother! The key to choosing baby wipes is “no additives”! When buying, pay attention to the product ingredients on the packaging bag.  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes containing propylene glycol, benzalkonium chloride, alcohol, flavor, CIT (methyl chloroisothiazolone), fluorescent agent and other ingredients, it is best not to buy, especially It is CIT, which has been banned by the European Union for single use in 2014.

Misunderstanding 2: A light fragrance smells good

This is a problem we often talk about. Many baby products try not to choose “scented” products. Most scented products contain different amounts of chemical fragrances, which will directly stimulate the baby’s skin. Like “no additives”, “no fragrance” pure natural is the best choice.

Myth 3: The softer the better

clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes seem to be soft to the touch, but they are not necessarily made of natural materials, and man-made fibers may also achieve this effect. The  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes on the market have uneven materials. The ones that are most suitable for the delicate skin of babies are: natural cotton non-woven fabrics and woven fabrics.

It is included in the blacklist of purchase: ordinary polyester non-woven fabrics. Low cost, may contain chemical fiber, easy to irritate the skin.

Tips for choosing  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes:

①Tough ones cannot be bought. Inferior  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes are generally not torn and can be used to pilling;

②The thicker the liquid squeezed out from the  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes, the more you cannot buy it;

③After wiping the wipes, rinse the hands with water, and the foaming proof contains a lot of additives, which cannot be used frequently;

④It is best not to buy scented ones. Spice additives can cause allergic reactions.

Misunderstanding 4: Wiping  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes and not washing hands

The key to using baby wipes is to alleviate temporary needs, such as when taking your baby to play outdoors. But there is one thing you must remember, no matter how high-quality baby wipes can not replace hand washing, hand washing can effectively remove harmful bacteria on hands. Therefore, mothers should not be lazy. They should wash their hands when they are at home, especially for babies who love to eat hands.

Misunderstanding 5: Wipe eyes, ears and private parts with  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes

Although baby wipes have a higher safety factor than adult wipes, they should not be used indiscriminately. Avoid direct contact with sensitive parts and key parts, such as eyes, middle ears, and reproductive organs. If you use  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes to clean the dirt here, not only can it not be cleaned, but it will easily aggravate bacterial infections.

Misunderstanding 6: Praise  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes as the “universal emperor”

Although  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes do bring a lot of convenience to parents, when the baby has diaper rash, we can no longer use  clean  clean  clean  clean  clean wet wipes. Wipes can irritate the skin and leave moisture on the skin at the same time, which can aggravate diaper rash.

Correct approach: When changing diapers, rinse your buttocks with running warm water, and then pat your butts dry with a soft cotton cloth or gauze.

Misunderstanding 7: Use to avoid the wound

When using baby wipes to wipe your baby’s skin, avoid the wound to prevent the ingredients in the wipe from invading your baby’s wound and causing infection and inflammation. And it should be avoided when the baby’s skin has redness, swelling, pain, itching and other symptoms.

Myth 8: Repeated use of a wet wipe

The moment the baby wipes leave the packaging, they are destined to be used only once for the baby! After wiping your mouth with a wet wipe, you can wipe your hands and toys. Although it sounds “energy saving and emission reduction”, it causes cross-contamination of bacteria that is invisible to the naked eye. This potential hazard is like a time bomb. If one day your baby keeps diarrhea and red and swollen skin, you will probably realize the seriousness of the problem.

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