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How To Wear Diapers To Reduce Leakage Of Urine

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1. Choose the right size first

When choosing diapers, mothers should not only judge them by their weight, but also observe them in practice. If the baby is loose after wearing the diaper, it is likely to be a larger size, more likely to leak urine. To make sure your baby doesn’t leak urine, choose the right size first, but parents shouldn’t choose a size that’s too small because it’s easy to tighten your baby’s thighs and waist.

2. Prevent back leakage. The back should be higher than the abdomen

After the prevention of leakage, the need to raise the baby’s back diaper, then pull the diaper in the legs up to the belly button below, so you will not cover the belly button, also prevent leakage of urine if the diaper is not wearing the right situation will not pollute the baby’s belly button.

Fold the sides of your diaper slightly in or out to prevent chafing your baby’s navel. Then fasten the Velcro on both sides. This will prevent leakage of urine more effectively. The waist is loose and tight enough to fit a finger in.

3. Side leakage prevention, side leakage prevention stand up

After the Velcro is pasted, arrange the leakproof side of the folded part on both sides of the diaper, and make the leakproof side stand up so as to effectively prevent side leakage.

The leakproof side, also known as the leakproof side, is a frill that is raised on the inside of the thigh to prevent excreta from leaking out through the gap between the thigh and the diaper.

Make sure the Velcro is in the same position on the left and right sides so the diaper doesn’t go awry and leaks on the side. Finally, adjust the tightness of the baby’s thighs. The space is about a finger left and right.

4. Prevent side leakage and align the Velcro on both sides

When sticking the Velcro, mothers should make sure that the left and right side of the Velcro have the same scale, so that the diaper will not be crooked and the side leakage will be reduced.

5. Change your diapers

Baby urine volume is relatively large, or wear time is relatively long, can cause diaper saturation. At this time the absorption effect of diapers is relatively poor, easy to leak urine. So, want to change diaper to baby in time, prevent leak urine, stay away from red farts.

6. The baby is active and the diaper becomes asymmetric

Some babies, especially the big baby exercise is very big, diapers may have been well dressed, after a while will be partial, at this time is also prone to leakage of urine, this kind of situation parents will often pay attention to the baby diapers, if found that there is a partial phenomenon can be corrected in time to effectively avoid.

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