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How To Use Sanitary Pads

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Some women are accustomed to using cushions every day, and many cushions have a layer of plastic film, which will affect the breathability. So what should female friends pay attention to when using sanitary pads to ensure their health and peace of mind?

As long as the method of using the pad is correct, the trouble can be reduced to a minimum. Is there anyone who doesn’t know how to use pads? Indeed they are. Women always use sanitary napkins before they start to touch the pads. The pads are much easier than sanitary napkins and only need to be attached.

But it was just such a post that something went wrong with the post. Generally speaking, sanitary napkins can only be used for four or five hours or even shorter time, but usually only one pad is used, and the time of contact with the body is as long as 12 hours or even longer. In these 12 hours, the genitals will be in a humid, airtight environment for more than 2/3 of the time, and there will be a large number of harmful bacteria multiplying. This is all “seeking a disease” for a woman.

If you really feel that there are secretions that make you feel uncomfortable, then the pads are not unavailable, but you must pay attention to the scale. There are also small “tips” for using the pads.

❤1. The pads should be replaced every 4 hours at most. Don’t allow bacteria to accumulate for too long;

❤2. Use a cotton pad, so the air permeability will be better;

❤3. Try to wipe off the secretions with a paper towel after urination to reduce the “carrying capacity” of the pad.

❤4. No need for scented pads, because the scent comes from the addition of chemical agents, which is irritating to the skin and harmful to the local environment;

❤5. Do not use the pad immediately after bathing, let the local environment be completely dry, it is best to use a blower, dry it with cold air and then paste the pad, do not let the environment start from damp; 

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