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How To Test The Softness Of Adult Diapers

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The material of the diaper is divided into three layers, namely the surface fabric, the core and the bottom film.

①Surface fabric

The surface fabric of diapers, because it is in close contact with the private parts of the human body, and the skin there is relatively smooth and tender, bad fabrics can cause skin allergies.

To judge the quality of surface fabrics, softness is the most basic indicator. A piece of diaper is not soft and uncomfortable to wear, and it will give people a very uncomfortable experience, let alone discuss other functions of the diaper.

Test action: touch and roll up

Touching directly with your hands is the most intuitive feeling. If it feels soft and soft, it means the softness is not bad. If it feels hard and rough, it is recommended to quickly eliminate it. Or roll up the diaper. If the arc is soft, it means that the diaper is really soft~


The second layer material of the diaper is the core, and its function is mainly to absorb liquid, which is a very important function of the diaper. To measure whether the water absorption is strong or not, it mainly depends on the absorption and effective absorption.

Absorption refers to the core body can absorb all the urine in a certain period of time; effective absorption refers to the urine will not re-permeate out during the process of absorbing urine. This requires that the skin in contact can be kept dry when wet. (Of course, diapers with strong absorption function should be replaced on time)

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