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How To Prevent Leakage Of Urine In Winter Diapers

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1. Back leakage and side leakage can be prevented as soon as possible

Urine leakage generally occurs after the baby wakes up, because most of the baby is lying flat at night, micturition will slowly overflow from the femoral ditch, after the occurrence of leakage! Male treasure and female treasure leakage prevention skills are also different, female treasure wearing diapers when the best to carry back, a little higher than the front waist. Male treasure on the contrary, the front is higher than the back.

If it is a side leak around the legs, it may be the baby wearing diapers, the legs of the leakage barrier is not arranged. At this time the mother needs to pay attention to the baby in diapers, must be adjusted to prevent leakage partition. Sleep on your baby’s baggy pants to avoid squeezing the clothing too much and causing deviation.

2. Cold weather in winter, should be replaced in time

Changing diapers when it’s cold is a very uncomfortable thing for a baby. If the baby’s butt is exposed to the cold air for a long time, it is easy to catch cold. So how do you change your baby’s diapers to make sure they’re clean and not freezing?

Preparation and replacement steps are crucial. Prepare diapers, cotton pads for changing diapers, cotton towels, buttocks cream and water, and heating equipment. Put the baby on a warm cotton pad to change diapers; Warm or warm your hands, take off the dirty diaper, quickly use warm water wet cotton towel to wash small buttocks, wipe dry and then apply buttock cream; Place the new diaper on your butt and replace it.

3. Mistaking it for urine leakage

Autumn and winter season, the weather is dry, the temperature drops sharply, a lot of mothers think, autumn and winter choose slightly thicker diapers for the baby’s small butts to keep warm the safest.

In fact, the pursuit of thick diapers, in the dry cold autumn and winter season is not conducive to the delicate baby buttocks maintenance. Thick clothes and thick diapers, will inevitably let the baby small buttock parts of the permeability of the poor, coupled with the autumn and winter season due to dry easy to cause allergies and discomfort, the baby’s small butts are also very easy to appear allergic, red butts phenomenon.

In the cold winter months, most mothers stop urinating on their babies and use diapers instead. However, when using diapers, not only the older generation has the opinion, young parents will also have concerns: always heard that using diapers baby will be easy to have diaper rash, really do not know whether to let the baby use diapers good. In fact, there are many benefits of using diapers for babies in winter. Babies can avoid catching cold while urinating, and parents do not have to wash a lot of diapers in cold weather.

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