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How To Prevent Damp In Diapers

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Diaper products and with strong water absorption macromolecule, wet days will inevitably become the first victim, once affected with damp, treasure mother will pay attention to. Because be affected with damp hind diaper no matter be sun insolation or hair dryer drying, cannot restore original state! So moistureproof is more important than be affected with damp first aid!

Second, be aware of the effects of moisture on your diapers:

1. Bacteria grow easily

Wet environment is the favorite of bacteria and microbes, wet diapers will become a greenhouse for bacteria and microbes, bacteria multiply easily to make the baby infected.

2. Affect the display of urine wetness

A lot of diapers are with the urine show, once damp, urine show is very easy to be affected, have not given the baby to change the diaper has changed color, such as the baby really wet urine is not good judgment, so it is easy to miss the baby to change the time of diapers.

3. Easy to cause baby red PP

If your baby’s butt is in a humid and airtight environment for a long time, it will be easily affected by the friction of the diaper, the stimulation of the urine and the bacterial infection.

Finally, how to protect your diapers from moisture:

1. Use the sealing bag for storage as far as possible, first squeeze the air out of the bag and then pull the sealing strip.

2. To use the dehumidifier, you can make your own hygroscopic bag and wrap the tea leaves into a small package with rice paper or newspaper.

3. Put the desiccants bag (a small white bag) into the diaper bag for the same effect.

4. Please keep the diapers in a cool and dry place.

5. It’s best to run out of unsealed diapers within 2-3 months, especially if you live in a humid climate.

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