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How To Make Expired Diapers And Turn Waste Into Treasure

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Diapers are the most common basic necessities for babies. Many parents buy a lot of diapers for emergency use. As a result, after the baby quits diapers, there are still many diapers that can’t be used up, or even none. Open the seal and put it until the expiration date. So how to use expired diapers to turn waste into treasure?

1. Wipe the floor and glass

Expired diapers are best used for scrubbing. The difference between diapers and wipes is that diapers have super absorbent properties and non-woven materials; non-woven materials are soft and delicate, and can be used to wipe the floor or wipe. The glass is very easy to use, faster and brighter than the effect of a rag, especially the glass. Because the diaper has good water absorption, so there will be no water marks when cleaning the glass, and the cleaning of the glass is more labor-saving. The absorbent layer of the diaper and the non-woven fabric wipe the floor are even more excellent, making the floor bright, and the mothers who have used it all say it is good.

2. Seconds to reduce fever artifact

The expired diapers can be transformed into a fever reduction artifact. The diapers contain superabsorbent and air-permeable beads, and many interlayers are also wear-resistant. Cut off the diaper waist, then pour a glass of water on the absorbent layer and put it in the refrigerator until the moisture is absorbed. This way, the subdivision will form small ice beads in the gel, which can be used to dissipate heat and reduce fever. In addition, the diaper does not leak water, and the weight is relatively light, which is much better than towels to reduce fever. It does not require repeated control of temperature and moisture, which is convenient and easy to use.

3. Cultivation of green plants

Diapers have excellent water retention and water retention because they have water-absorbing beads. If there are excess expired diapers, they can be used to cultivate green plants. First cut open the expired diapers, take out the water-absorbent beads, add water that has not been the beads in the container, and wait until the beads have absorbed the moisture and put them in the refrigerator. The beads become harder. On the planting soil, plants will grow taller and better, which will allow plants to absorb water independently. Many mothers’ pro-tests are effective.

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