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How To Look At The Air Permeability Of Diapers Good Or Not?

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Standard 1: soft, soft surface cotton

Autumn winter mothers choose diapers, to observe the surface cotton soft diapers: autumn weather is dry and cool, the baby’s buttocks are not easy to get a red rash, autumn choose diapers can be appropriate to focus on the characteristics of soft cotton up. Autumn baby’s skin because of the dry air and climate, become more and more dry, plus the thick pants, more stressed out, red ass and the symptoms of eczema but they induce, all, in qiu dong season, at the time of selected diapers, can priority material and tactility, reduce friction bring discomfort, make your baby more comfortable, cotton soft caress tactility is absolutely the first selection of baby diapers.

Standard 2: cool, thin and thick moderate absorption

Fall and winter baby must avoid wear thick small pants pants, in the process of wear out of diapers, moms say blue thin xianggu mushroom, many mothers to change a few times, less on the selection of diapers, are chosen for baby diapers of absorption but here, for the baby’s skin soft and healthy, frequently changing diapers must be oh, of course in the fall and winter can choose big suction amount of diapers, because in the autumn winter season, fewer babies relative summer sweat more, of course, the urine volume will increase.

Standard 3: transparent, efficient and breathable

Nappies are replaced less frequently in the fall than in the summer, so moms are looking for lightweight, breathable diapers to absorb when buying them. Since diapers need to be worn 24 hours a day, air permeability is a key factor in comfort. Especially in summer, children have high metabolism and are more afraid of heat than adults.

You can’t just look at the thickness of the diaper.

After the hands can take a piece of the parents own sensory test, the diaper around their arms or legs to feel whether stuffy.

Professional tests can be measured with instruments. For visual observation, place the diaper over a container of boiling water and invert a glass to see if the vapor can reach the glass through the diaper. If it’s easy to see this, the diaper is breathable.

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