How To Choose The Model Number Of Adult Diaper Pants

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Adult diaper pants are generally divided into large (L) or medium (M) according to the waist or hip size range of the user that they can be applied to. Some brands also include small (S) and enlarged Number (XL).   

Under a certain specification, depending on the adjustment of the position of the adhesive sheet on the plastic front waist, it can adapt to the different waist sizes of different users within a certain range of changes. Some manufacturers set the specifications according to the waist circumference, and some according to the hip circumference.

There is a big gap between the waist circumference data of the human body and the hip circumference data. When choosing adult diaper pants, it is necessary to see whether the applicable size range on the product packaging refers to the waist circumference or the hip circumference.

The adult diaper pants packaging does not clearly indicate whether it is waist or hip, generally the size of hip. Hip circumference is currently a more popular way of dimensioning. It’s also a medium size, and the applicable hip ranges of different manufacturers’ products are not exactly the same.

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