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How To Choose Sanitary Pads Quality

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1. Choose Sanitary Pads Quality Choose a Brand

When women buy sanitary napkins, they must choose brand sanitary napkins produced by regular manufacturers, read the instructions of the sanitary napkins purchased in detail, and understand the control of their sanitary indicators for safety and cleanliness. Do not buy some bulk products for cheap , Sanitary napkins with broken packaging.

2. Look at the date

It is necessary to see the production date and shelf life. It is difficult to guarantee the sanitary pads quality. It is best to buy sanitary napkins right away. You can store them in a small cotton cloth bag if you don’t use them up. They should also be stored specially when you need to carry them when you go out. Do not mix them with cosmetics in the bag. If the sanitary napkins are stored for a long time or get damp, the storage environment is not smooth, the temperature is high and humid, even if it is not opened, it will deteriorate and contaminate, which is very suitable for mold growth.

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