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How To Choose Good Sanitary Pad Layers Products

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Every month, women always have a few special days “good friends” to report that sanitary pad layers have become an indispensable part of many women’s lives. With the popularization and development of sanitary napkins, there are more multi-functional sanitary napkins on the market, such as scented sanitary napkins such as rose and jasmine, and sanitary napkins with mint. However, menstrual women have low immunity and some hygiene Do not use the towel casually.

Sanitary pad layers are almost every woman’s indispensable private partner in her boudoir. According to statistics, a woman uses 15,000 sanitary napkins in her life.

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, ordinary sanitary napkins are increasingly unable to meet the diversified market demands. As a result, when the concepts of ultra-thin, wing protection, and dryness are no longer new, the development of new functional sanitary napkins has become the main direction of this industry.

At present, there are many types of sanitary pad layers on the market, with various functions. However, sanitary napkins and sanitary pads with clear fragrance and aromatic odor have become the highlight of the sanitary napkin market, attracting the attention of many women, such as those with tea. Sanitary napkins and sanitary pads with fragrance, jasmine and mint flavor. But most scented sanitary napkins are achieved by spraying perfume, which is prone to sensitive skin on special parts, so try to use sanitary napkins that do not contain any fragrance ingredients.

Speaking of this topic, it is estimated that many people will say, is there anyone who would not buy sanitary napkins? In fact, 80% of women in China do not buy sanitary napkins. Many people think that sanitary napkins are just a thicker piece of paper that can solve the problem. So choose the cheapest product to use. Some people believe in advertisements. , To buy familiar brand products, some people are very concerned about feminine care, to buy so-called high-end and high-priced products, in fact, sanitary napkins play an important role in a woman’s menstrual care and even later gynecological hygiene. An online survey of women across the country showed that 39.33% of the 19,405 people surveyed had been infected with bacteria due to the use of sanitary napkins or sanitary pads. Among them, the infection was caused by the quality of sanitary napkins or sanitary pads. The proportion of inflammation is the largest, at 17%. How to choose sanitary napkin products correctly? I sum it up as the following:

1. Clean, sterile, no fluorescent agent, no fluff pulp and other inferior materials, what is fluorescent agent? Fluorescent agent is added in the process of papermaking and weaving. It is a chemical substance that has brightening and brightening effects. However, this substance is a strong carcinogen, so the country explicitly prohibits the addition, but even so, there are still some illegal traders. This substance was added illegally. In March 2014, Consumer News revealed that the top 10 domestic brand sanitary napkin products submitted for inspection, including Shushan, Sophie, ABC, etc., were found to contain fluorescent agents, so blindly Believe that the so-called brand itself is a kind of injury. Most sanitary napkins use fluff pulp as a filler, and a large amount of fluff pulp is a waste of secondary recycled paper towels. The bacteria in it exceeds the standard and must be bleached by fluorescent agents, which is also very harmful! In addition, the secondary recovered fluff pulp contains a large amount of dust with bacteria. Using this sanitary napkin during menstruation may directly cause menstrual infection and cause gynecological diseases;

2. The surface is skin-friendly, the bottom layer is breathable, and the body of the towel is thin; the surface of a good sanitary napkin must be made of skin-friendly material, which will help women solve problems during menstruation and make the skin feel better. If inferior materials are used, such sanitary napkins can easily cause sensitivity and cause itching and discomfort after being exposed to the skin for a long time. However, if women use an impermeable bottom material during menstruation, the moisture will increase and it will be very uncomfortable. At the same time, the hot and humid environment is a breeding ground for bacteria;

3. The water-locking capacity is strong and the surface is dry. Of course, this function is the basis of a good sanitary napkin, because if the water-locking is not strong, side leakage is likely to occur, which is a very embarrassing thing. A good sanitary napkin can not only absorb more liquid, but more importantly, after absorbing the liquid, the surface can be very dry, so that it will not bring the slightest discomfort.

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