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How to choose a diaper for a newborn

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The daily necessities of newborns are often more pursuit of quality and quality. Many parents should pay attention to product characteristics such as soft materials and strong breathability when choosing diapers for babies. So how do you choose diapers for newborns? How to change the baby’s diaper? What are the precautions for daily cleaning of diapers?

Choose diapers that are breathable, light-colored, long, thin and thick

●Select pure cotton fabric:

Pure cotton products have good breathability, strong water absorption, and soft touch, and will not excessively rub the baby’s delicate skin.

●Select light-colored diapers:

Light-colored diapers are not easy to discolor and cause less harm to the baby. Mothers can choose white, light pink, light yellow, light blue and other colors of diapers, and try to avoid blue, green, purple dark diapers.

●Diapers suitable for length and thickness:

If the baby’s diaper is too long, it is either uncomfortable on the back or covering the umbilical cord, causing inflammation, so it is recommended that mothers do not use diapers that are too long.

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