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How Old Do You Have To Wear Diapers Before You Can Take Them Off?

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A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that children’s excretion-controlling muscles generally reach maturity between 12-24 months, with an average age of 18 months. Therefore, at different stages of your baby’s growth, different measures must be taken!

18 months ago

Try to use P Baby Diapers, so that your baby can urinate and urinate as he wants, and get enough quality sleep.

18 months-24 months later

The baby’s gastrointestinal and bladder functions gradually mature. You can gradually try to “quit” diapers during the day and train your baby to go to the toilet on the toilet or toilet; and at night, you still need to use diapers.

36 months later

You can try to stop using P Baby Diapers and cultivate a good habit of autonomous urination and defecation. Only when the baby can clearly express his toilet needs; keep his diapers dry for more than 2 hours; and learn to put on and take off his pants, can he completely say goodbye to the diapers!

Of course, given that each baby’s physical and psychological conditions are different, the time it takes for them to quit diapers naturally varies from person to person. The actual situation and treatment are still needed.

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