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How Often Should I Change My Napkin?

How often should I change my napkin

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How Often Should I Change My Napkin?

For a girl, the menstrual period is a very important period. During this special period, girls should pay attention to protecting themselves in many aspects. They should not eat spicy, cold, or irritating things. This is just a conditioning, Another thing that needs to be paid attention to is the hygiene of the genitals. Sanitary napkins provide a good cleaning environment for the genitals. However, sanitary napkins may also cause hidden dangers. So how often is it safe to change unsanitary napkins?

During menstruation, the environment of the genitals is hot and humid, and the shed blood discharged from the ovary is actually a kind of nutrient substance. If the hygiene is not handled well, these nutrient substances will provide bacteria with A good living environment easy to cause the growth of bacteria.

Generally speaking, if the sanitary napkin is too thick and the air permeability is very poor, if you don’t change the sanitary napkin for a long time and cover it for too long, then it is very likely that there will be red spots on the genitals, and more serious It may also cause vaginitis.

So what is the most reasonable frequency to change sanitary napkins?

Every woman’s age, and menstrual flow are different, and the number of days of menstruation is also different, some are long and some are short, some are more and some are less.

1. Generally speaking, the amount of sanitary napkins is relatively large, so it is necessary to change sanitary napkins diligently every day, on average every two hours;

2. The amount on the second day may be the most, and the reference amount can be replaced every one and a half hours;

3. On the third day, the amount starts to decrease gradually, and it is better to replace it every four hours;

4. The amount on the fourth day is generally relatively small. You can choose some thinner sanitary napkins and change them every six hours;

5. On the fifth day, the sputum is basically gone. Depending on the situation, sanitary napkins may not be needed.

The use of sanitary napkins should also be standardized and reasonable. Female compatriots who are prone to allergies in the genitals should try to avoid using dry sanitary napkins, and soft cotton breathable ones should be preferred.

In addition, when choosing sanitary napkins, you must pay attention to the production date and shelf life. If itching occurs during use, you must pay attention to stop using sanitary napkins immediately, and don’t choose some sanitary napkins with fragrance. Possibly fragrance allergies.

You must pay attention to hygiene during the menstrual period. Some people think that it is not suitable to take a bath during the menstrual period. In addition, change and wash underwear frequently, do not use bathtubs, as it will cause infection, do not overwork, do not dip in cold water, and during such a sensitive period as menstruation, you must pay special attention!

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