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How Much To Buy Diapers At A Time

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Depends on the size, nb and s, buy with caution, don’t stock up, m buy something appropriately, generally it will be used for children who are six months old, and there is a weight range for diapers. l According to the weight of the child, you can stock up, and a normal-weight baby can be used for a week and a half. That is, it will take almost a year. As for the xl code, don’t stock up too much. Every child is different, but generally they don’t need diapers at the age of two. In about two weeks, when it happened to be summer, I tried to break the diapers at first.

The concept of subdividing diapers and pull-ups is a concept. If you want to subdivide it, pull-ups are usually used in size l, but also consider the season, as well as waking and before going to bed at night. In cold weather, I use less trousers and more for diapers, because I have to take off my trousers and fear that the child will be cold. In the hot season, you usually use pull-up pants to sleep all night at night, and you don’t get wet during the day. It is generally convenient to go out with diapers. Are there any different brands? Don’t stock up until you are sure that you are using them well. Try each brand in a trial pack first. The same size, different brands are different in size, and the quality varies greatly. Some brands also specify that they are suitable for overweight babies. Look carefully when you buy it.

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