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How Much Do You Know About Diapers

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The types of diapers, in terms of material, can be divided into cloth diapers and paper diapers. Cloth diapers with good absorbability and tightness, not easy to cause skin allergy or diaper rash, but not convenient to clean and carry; Diaper is convenient to carry, do not have to clean, but have allergic skin baby must be changed.

For gender-specific diapers, the design focuses on the positions where the male and female babies squirt their urine. The front of the male diaper is thicker, while the rear of the female diaper is thicker.

The inner layer of the diaper had better not have any additives, first to dry, easy to absorb water, leakage resistance is better.

If you choose to use the new cloth to make diapers, you should pay attention to cleaning, rubbing, disinfection, drying the new cloth before giving it to the baby. Quality of a material appropriate chooses cotton material, color should choose light color department, if white, shallow pink or buff can, avoid to use brunet department, especially blue, purple, black, cyan to wait for a color.

The diaper length is suitable for thickness. A baby who has a diaper between his legs for a long time may have deformed lower limbs and may easily contaminate the umbilical cord after wetting, resulting in infection of the umbilical cord. To pay attention to the length and thickness should be appropriate, too long too short too thick too thin. Note the difference between male and female diapers. Male diapers are thicker in front of the perineum, and female diapers can be folded a few more layers under the buttocks to increase the moisture absorption of special parts of the baby.

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