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Hot Melt Adhesive Glue for Sanitary Napkin

1.Product Information:

This type hot melt adhesive is designed for application of sanitary napkins and diapers.

With light initial color,good heatstability and excellent sprayability, it can well bond PE film, nonwoven, porous film and tissue


2.Technical data:


Application It is designed as positioning adhesive for hygiene products like sanitary napkin, panty liner.
Feature Colorless and transparent, no odor, excellent anti-aging properties, stable peeling strength, moderate viscosity, no Residual adhesive after peeling.
Viscosity 600±200cps   @180°C
700±200cps   @170°C
900±300cps   @160°C
1200±300cps @150°C
Softening point 85±5°C
Usage guidance 1. Suggested operation temperature: 150°C-170°C.
2. Suggested tooling method: hot-melt spray nozzle or coating systems.
3. Suggested cleaning method: Clean the equipment with mineral oil at 120°C. Then flush it with the same type adhesive below 170°C.
Precautions 1.The property of glue adhesion will differ from the different surfaces of substrate and thickness of applied adhesive.
2. Material is applied hot-appropriated clothing and eye protection should be used.
3. Please keep the adhesive below 180°C during operation to keep the lowest danger of flammable volatiles.
4. During adhesive operation, make sure the air flow and any fire is prohibited.
Package 1kg/block,each block with a release paper,20kgs in a carton.
Storage 1 years in dry and cool environment below 35°C and far from fire, unexposed to the sunlight.

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