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Frequency Of Changing Diapers

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In general, most babies will have instructions on how to change their diapers, and because the small diapers used by younger babies and the diapers used by older babies will have different moisture absorption properties. There will also be differences in the replacement time.

Generally, the urine is changed every three hours. The amount of urine that the diaper can withstand is limited, and the urine will overflow when the amount of urine is large. If the child’s buttocks are soaked in the urine for a long time, it is easy to cause red buttocks and diaper rash. Wash your buttocks with warm water before changing diapers, choose a good quality diaper, and change 6-8 times a day. However, it still needs to be determined according to the baby’s specific situation. Some babies drink a lot of water and urinate. You can feel your baby’s diapers not slippery, and if the baby is crying and feels unwell, it may be a reminder to change the diaper.

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