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If You’re Looking For A Face Mask Manufacturer To Supply Your Face Mask Business, Then Look No Further. We Can Offer Quality Service At Unbeatable Prices And We Ship Worldwide.

Face Mask Manufacturer

We are a disposable Face Mask Manufacturer corporation based in China, working for about 20 years. GENTLE has performed its duty in maintaining quality diapers and sanitation products.

GENTLE specialization is R&D and production of sanitary napkins, adult and baby diapers, and other hygiene products. With the surge of the COVID pandemic, the earth has witnessed a fiery need for face masks to facilitate virus precautions.

To cater to the rising demand for face masks in China and worldwide. GENTLE has taken a step to broaden its product spectrum. 

GENTLE is now producing best masks for covid to benefit its clients to receive what they need. ( In addition to the face mask, we also produce Adult Diapersbaby diapers, pull up diapers, sanitary napkins, and wet wipes.)

Face Mask Suplier

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Introduction Face Mask

Before, the pandemic facemask was looked at as a surgeon’s gesture. Most of the surgeons there needed to carry those surgical masks while performing doctors’ duties varying from surgery and dealing with other medical tasks.

But the COVID-19 proved much more constructive to reinforce the prominence of face masks. Now face masks are the emblem of protection. 

They are extensively practiced worldwide to combat the virus, provide a much more relaxed atmosphere, and maintain a temporary yet inner fulfillment of getting yourself away with the COVID-19.

Face masks are now a compulsion to enter hospitals, shopping plazas, airports, and excursion vicinities. 

The most utmost demand for face masks is in hospitals. The hospitals will not permit your patients if you don’t have any face masks. The hospital staff couldn’t perform their duties without face masks. 

So facemasks have developed into a golden boot that corporation administrators are now cashing in to bring about higher and higher profits.

China is the biggest Face Mask Manufacturer producer of facemasks, and likewise, because of the world’s most enormous population, it takes the testimony of being the most face mask consumers country. 

The world has experienced a staggering production of face masks consumption during recent years. In Fact, in 2020, 52 billion face masks were produced to cater to the needs of the growing population. 

This figure includes the N95 respirator and surgical masks.

The incoming need for manufacturing more and more masks has generated pressure on the world’s face masks manufacturer company. So we, the GENTLE Face Mask Manufacturer have surged forward to confront the advancing demands of face masks in China and worldwide.

We have seen a considerable plunge there if we talk about only N95 masks, which are 95% accurate in combating germs.

For instance, in only the United States, 45 million N95 masks were produced in January 2020!

Comparison between Surgical mask and N95

 Surgical masks and N95 are both made from high-quality non-woven fabric. Surgical masks are for medical care professionals. 

While the much-advanced n95 face mask can be used both industrially and medically, the best kn95 mask completely seals the wearer’s face; this feature gives it a leaping edge over the surgical masks as it can help counter most of the airborne particles.

On the other hand, it is easier to breathe in surgical masks, but some N95 masks are now coming with a valve on them that serves to expel the air from your mouth.

What Is The Market Size Of Global Face Masks?

Face masks have become quite a big industry this decade; especially the COVID-19 has boosted the market size of global face masks. 

According to Statista, in 2018, the global face mask was valued at 32.76 billion USD dollars, and it was forecasted to reach over 50.9 billion dollars by 2025!

And back when the covid 19 struck the global mask market in 2020 escalated up to USD 6867.83 million and was expected to reach USD 7808.64 million by 2021 at a compound annual rate of around 14%. With this rate, the global mask market size will reach approximately USD 15,104.33 Million by 2026.

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What Are The Market Challenges In The Global Face Mask Market?

The outbreak of this deadly virus has caused the governments of all over the world to improvise the situation in their countries. 

Many SOPs are inaugurated to tackle and protect the citizens from picking up the virus, and wearing masks is the most common. 

The sudden demand for facemasks has caused a severe Face Mask 

Face Mask Manufacturer burden to make quality masks. The profit makers saw this as a great opportunity and started making fake face masks without any health care supervision.

For example, a recent study shows that in developing countries like Kenya, the government issued the precaution for COVID-19, and masks were made mandatory for malls and public places. 

Due to a shortage of surgical masks, the citizens started wearing the N95. However, the government took action and forced their citizens to leave the N95 for health care professionals only and issued a certification to manufacture surgical masks to their companies.

This opened a series of local masks without any health care supervision, and due to the low cost and huge availability, people started buying them and wearing them daily. 

This is one of the significant market challenges in the global face mask industry.

The government should monitor that only NIOSH, and CDC-approved medical kits like masks should be used, As using the counterfeit will put other lives at risk.

What Are The Top World Face Mask Brands?

Top 3 leading face masks companies:

1. Honeywell international

Honeywell International, Inc. is an American Face Mask Manufacturer that operates performance materials and technologies and aerospace. The revenue of Honeywell international is USD 32.64 billion

2. Cardinal health

According to emergency research, Cardinal Health, Inc. is a multinational American health care Face Mask Manufacturer that provides up to 75% of masks across the United States. The company has net revenue of USD 152.92 billion

3. 3M

The 3M Company is also an American multinational Face Mask Manufacturer. 3M manufactures the 3m n95 mask respirator, and the company holds net revenue of USD 32.18 billion

What Is The Stand Of China's Face Mask Manufacturing Industry In The Universal Competition?

China has been a leading industry for face mask production. It is the world’s most significant industry to manufacture face masks.

Besides being the initial compromise with COVID-19, China established the groundwork for manufacturing most masks during the pandemic.

According to the New York Times, China’s face mask industry is developing at a good pace, and others will find it quite challenging to compete with the Chinese masks industry.

As A Face Mask Manufacturer. What Are Our Advantages?

Face Mask Manufacturer

GENTLE company, the Face Mask Manufacturer from China has been providing top-quality hygiene products for 20 years. Most competitive prices from material suppliers are based on huge orders to them.

Furthermore, we have experienced and effective inner cost control throughout the whole process.

We have qualified professionals and technicians working with us to ensure the quality of the face masks.

Moreover, we also possess one of the most sophisticated laboratories equipped with complete instruments to make testing more efficient.

One Stop Face Mask Manufacturer

Face mask manufacturers are dispersed worldwide, but China is home to the emergence of leading face mask manufacturers that not only present these products at a competitive rate but also standardized quality.

So if you are looking to buy face masks or n95 mask for sale, don’t be doubtful. With over 20 years of Face Mask Manufacturer experience, we can ensure top-quality products with utmost customer satisfaction.

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