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Face Mask Earloop

Earloop For Face Mask
Size: 3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6mm
Materials Spandex +Polyester
Elasticity ≥2.8
Color: White, can customized

Face Mask Earloop

Looking for a safe and comfortable way to protect yourself from potential exposure to germs and bacteria? Look no further than our Face Mask Earloop Manufacturer! Our webbing is made of spandex and polyester, making it stretchy and durable. It’s also lightweight and breathable, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable even when wearing it for long periods of time. Best of all, our face masks are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

We offer 7 days sample order lead time and support both OEM and customized orders. Our spandex +polyester blend is strong and durable, perfect for making high-quality face masks. And we offer free samples so you can try them before you buy!

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