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Essential Skills For Winter Baby Diapers

Table of Content

1. Diaper softness

Infants have a very sensitive sense of touch, as long as there is a little discomfort will feel very uncomfortable. Diaper and baby skin contact area is large, and basically all day long, so to give the baby to choose a soft, good tactile product, to provide a good tactile experience for the baby.

2. Diaper permeability

The breathable performance of the diaper used by the baby must be good, otherwise it is easy for the baby to get diaper rash and even affect the testicular development of the male baby. Want to accomplish both breathe freely and won’t exosmosis, the clipping of the product is not only good, the choice of material and make up also want pretty good just go. At present, most of the diapers on the market choose to have a lot of micro holes in the breathable bottom film, but the cost is different, good or bad nature is also distinguished. At present, the best breathable bottom film on the market is the hot-air non-woven bottom film. Therefore, when choosing diapers for their babies, the mothers should give priority to the ones with hot-air non-woven bottom film, so as to ensure the air permeability of diapers and make their babies more comfortable.

3. Thickness of diapers

There is a mother worried about the thin diaper absorption ability is not good, in fact, will not. Generally speaking, thin products contain more water absorbent resin, and thick products contain more pulp. For babies, ultra-thin products are more comfortable and can avoid affecting air permeability, causing skin allergies, eczema and other problems.

4. Diapers absorb water

Diaper absorption ability is also a point that mothers can’t ignore when buying diapers. Here’s a little experiment you can do yourself: pour the same amount of water into different brands of diapers. After you’ve absorbed them, put a dry paper towel on top and compare the differences. In addition, you can also use direct observation method to see the absorption of urine when the baby urination, and the dry degree of the small butt, to judge the absorption of diapers.

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