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Do You Want To Change The Diapers Without Urine For A Few Hours

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Is generally not used. The use time of diapers is related to the urine output. It is not to say that it is fixed for a few hours. Newborns have a lot of urine. Generally, the diaper is changed every two hours during the day and every four hours at night. Wait until the baby reaches five. After six months, it will be changed every three to four hours during the day and four to six hours at night. Of course, it is not changed after one pee, but after the baby has peeed a few times, it can be changed. But if the baby has a bowel movement, it must be changed. Don’t let the baby cover it, otherwise it may cause a variety of skin problems, such as red buttocks, diaper rash, etc.

Parents should pay attention to that when changing the baby’s diapers, they must first clean the baby’s buttocks, and buy diapers according to the baby’s weight and hip size, and it must be a better brand. In this way, the baby will be more comfortable to wear and will not harm the baby’s skin. After the baby is two years old, start to give up the baby’s diapers. You can use it at night without diapers during the day.

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