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Do You Still Need To Wash Your Hands After Using Wet Tissues

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Recently, due to the epidemic, more and more people use wet tissues around. Sometimes when going out to eat, friends will directly wipe their hands with wet paper towels instead of washing hands, saying that it is convenient and healthy.

But I look elsewhere and say that wet wipes contain irritating additives, which are not good for your health. I just want to know, can wet wipes replace hand washing? What are the additives of wet wipes, will it hurt you?

First of all, we can make it clear that wet wipes cannot replace hand washing.

Wet wipes contain more or less chemical additives and are not suitable for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin. It is best not to use them.

Furthermore, constantly wiping the skin surface with a wet tissue may change the microenvironment of the skin surface, causing imbalance of the lipid-water ratio of the skin surface, shedding and decomposing of epidermal keratinocytes, which is not conducive to skin health.

In addition, when wet paper towels are reused, not only can they not remove bacteria, but some surviving bacteria will be transferred to uncontaminated places.

Suggestion: Do not reuse wet wipes under the premise of choosing products from regular manufacturers. After using wet wipes, if conditions permit, it is best to wash your hands again to achieve a better cleaning purpose.

Let’s talk about the additives of paper towels.

In addition to the main raw material non-woven fabrics and water, a wet tissue called “additive-free” may actually contain preservatives, alcohol, flavors, synthetic surfactants, and moisturizing ingredients.

But you don’t have to worry too much, because adding an appropriate amount of preservatives to the wet wipes can inhibit the growth of bacteria and maintain product quality, which is both necessary and in compliance.

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