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Diapers Compared To Traditional Diapers

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In terms of air permeability, of course, traditional diapers are better than nappies, because they have only cloth and no waterproof material. But it would be unfair to compare the two.

Because in traditional diapers, people often use a waterproof layer on top of the diaper: absolutely impermeable plastic. So we should compare a traditional diaper with a “full” diaper with no air permeability at all. Nappies are made of non-woven fabric lined with material that lets air in and out, not water molecules in and out, so although they are not as breathable as pure cloth, they are much more breathable than “full-size” traditional diapers.

With the continuous improvement of the production process, the diaper has changed from a single function of preventing leakage and absorbing urine to one of both preventing leakage and breathable as well as absorbing urine with anti-bacteria, and has added multiple functions such as telescopic elastic waist circumference and three-dimensional leak-proof septum.

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