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Diapers Carry Too Many Pots And Suffer Too Much Prejudice

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1. Do diapers lead to bandy legs?

First we should know the baby leg development process: O – leg →X – leg → straight leg.

When the baby is curled up in the mother’s tummy, the leg bones are slightly bent, so most babies are born with “o-legs”.

As the baby begins to walk, the O leg will gradually improve, most 2 years old, at the latest 3 years old, O leg disappeared.

Then the baby’s legs will become “x-shaped legs”, which are more obvious at the age of 3-6. Usually, most children’s legs will return to normal and become straight legs as they develop at the age of 7-8.

The time for babies to wear diapers is generally from birth to 3 years old, which happens to be the period when babies are in “o-leg”. Therefore, o-leg is only the normal development characteristics of babies before 3 years old, which has nothing to do with diapers.

2. Can diapers cause red butt?

It takes a long time for a baby’s delicate little butts to be exposed to urine and excrement to cause red butts (diaper rash).

In order to ensure air permeability, there will be a lot of small holes invisible to the naked eye on the surface of the diaper. As long as the diaper with good air permeability and strong water absorption is used and changed frequently, the baby’s butt will not have diaper rash. Some diapers are even more breathable than tampons!

Of course, after each change of diapers, to clean the baby’s small butts, dry and then put on a new diaper ~

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