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Choosing Diapers Is Something You Should Pay Special Attention To

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1. The absorbance

The strong ability of the absorption layer is the key, whether it is the absorption speed, or the prevention of side leakage, is the focus of our attention. In theory, the diaper should not be used for more than four hours at a time. In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the diaper will break or get stuck, which will directly affect the user experience.

To test whether the diaper is effective for instant absorption, mothers can first pour 50ML of water into the diaper, and then pour another 50ML 20 minutes later. Then press the diaper with the toilet paper cover to see if the water will seep back, so as to know whether the diaper’s instantaneous absorption is OK.

2. Air permeability

Softness and breathability are key factors in choosing a diaper, as they directly contribute to the baby’s red butt. If the diaper creates a warm and humid environment, it will inevitably affect the air permeability. Your baby’s little butt is stuck in an airtight hot bag, which can be uncomfortable, especially in the summer.

3. Wet urine display

For new parents, it’s too early to change your diapers. At this point, might as well good appliance urine wet display function style, remind oneself, also avoid to let the baby for a long time in uncomfortable state.

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