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Changing Diapers Too Often At Night Is Not A Good Thing For Your Baby

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Generally speaking, the baby’s diaper is wet is to be replaced in time, especially the baby and the skin is particularly sensitive baby. Timely replacement of diapers, can effectively avoid small butts for a long time to be covered, to prevent diaper rash is helpful, nursing up will be more relaxed.

But do not change diapers too frequently for the baby, because it will disturb the baby’s sleep, night sleep quality on the baby’s growth and development is directly reflected in the growth hormone secretion, immune formation, intellectual development, temperament training and other aspects.

Baby sleep well, have 3 big benefits

1. Babies who sleep better are smarter

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that sleep directly affects brain development and is critical to a baby’s cognitive, memory and learning abilities.

2. Po sleeps well, mom and dad sleep well

A baby’s sleep can interfere with a parent’s sleep, which must speak for a lot of new parents: since they have a baby, they never get a full night’s sleep and have to get up many times at night. It can be said that the baby can’t sleep well, the whole family can’t sleep well. So, the baby sleep well, parents can have a good sleep, good mood.

3. A good sleep habit will benefit you all your life

Good sleep habits are the foundation of a baby’s health and development, which can benefit the baby for life. The earlier your baby can establish good sleep habits, the earlier she can get a good night’s sleep and the more benefits she will reap: good sleep, good health, good study, good mood, good work and good relationships when she is young.

True, it is normal for a baby to wake up in the middle of the night. However, if the baby is often disturbed and awakened due to unnatural factors, such as noise and bright light, inappropriate night feeding, or excessive replacement of diapers, it is not good for the baby’s growth and development.

A whole night’s sleep is a relative concept, its essence is the time of continuous sleep at night. It is the core of scientific infant sleep nursing method to follow the natural physiological law of infant sleep and reduce the interference of human factors to infant sleep. Now many parents worried about the baby wet affect morpheus, “alarm clock” in the night to check the baby is wet, and frequent change diapers, actually this is a “myth” warmth, they disturb the baby valuable sleep time in a row, as well as the natural law, alternating between the baby sleep depth eventually do more harm than good.

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