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Changing Diapers Is Like A War, How To Make The Baby Obedient

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Changing a baby’s diapers is like a war. No one knows who was conquered by whom in this “war without gunpowder”-one of the few desperate moments of the old mother. And this incident also made many good men who aspire to become daddy surrender to their baby’s diapers, and the situation is full of unreliable conditions.

The scene at that time was like this:

1. Pros and cons

Some fathers can’t distinguish the front and back when changing diapers, which makes it impossible to fix the diapers smoothly, and even causes urine leakage.

The design of the diaper has front and back sides, and the part with ear stickers should be placed underneath.

2. Forcibly “raise your legs”

Lift the buttocks off the bed by grabbing the feet, which is very uncomfortable for the baby.

It will cause extra pressure on the baby’s spine, which is easy to cause resistance and makes it more difficult to change diapers. If you hold your baby’s leg like this for a long time, it may cause damage to your child’s musculoskeletal system.

3. Even if wiped clean

Incomplete and careless cleaning after changing diapers is the main cause of diaper rash.

Wet wipes are not the only choice for changing diapers. If there are stools on your butt, you can use a dry tissue to wipe off the dirt remaining on your baby’s butt, and then wash your baby’s butt with warm water and a small towel. If your baby’s skin is sensitive, try to scrub thoroughly with warm water, and apply diaper cream after drying.

4. If you don’t wear it, you must lift

Don’t rush to interact with your baby in the new diapers.

Pay attention to check the degree of fit of the diaper first. If the diaper is worn too loosely and the button is not in the right position, the diaper will slip off when the baby is moving, and the urine will leak everywhere, which is troublesome to clean up. If it is too tight, it will also pinch the baby’s belly and thighs, making the baby uncomfortable.

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