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Can The Unopened Diapers Still Be Used After The Expiration Date?

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Diapers should not be used for babies after they expire.

1. The baby’s skin is too delicate, and the child’s immune system is not fully developed. If the diaper expires, there is likely to be bacteria in it, so it is easy to cause bacterial infections and other situations, so just to be on the safe side , Do not use expired diapers for your baby.

2. Some netizens said that you can use expired diapers after exposing them to the sun, but the editor here suggests that after exposing expired diapers to the sun, let’s not say whether the bacteria have been completely eliminated, but the diapers will easily leak urine after exposure, or It will also harm your baby’s skin, so it is really not recommended to continue using it.

Once the    diapers have passed their expiration date (unopened state), bacteria are prone to grow. Special types of paper products, such as diapers, aunt’s towels or toilet paper, need to be made by high temperature sterilization. The paper products after high temperature sterilization are directly sealed and packaged to prevent the growth of bacteria. However, the effectiveness of one-time disinfection and sterilization has a time limit after all, and the guarantee of sterility will be obtained after the shelf life is exceeded. Therefore, once the expiration date has passed, even if the package is not opened, the diapers inside will start to breed bacteria.

   If the diaper has expired, the probability of urine leakage will be greatly increased! The bottom layer of the diaper is made of PE film or PE film + non-woven fabric. The PE film is prone to photo-oxidation, and the bottom layer of diapers that have been placed for 3 years has aged or cracked.

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