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Can Sanitary Pads Be Used For A Long Time

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The compact sanitary pads are easy to use and are very popular among women recently. Some people even use them every day without interruption. Sanitary pads are supposed to be beneficial to health, but they can also cause diseases, because the vagina of healthy women has a self-purifying effect. It contains several aspects:

The vaginal epithelium of mature women will periodically thicken under the action of ovarian hormones, and the surface cells will keratinize and fall off, which is not conducive to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria;

The glycogen stored in the cell produces lactic acid under the decomposition of the normal vaginal flora, so that the vagina maintains a certain acidic environment, which is not conducive to the growth of basophilic bacteria;

The mucus of the cervix is alkaline, which inhibits the growth of acidophilic bacteria. Therefore, although the vagina is not sterile, under normal circumstances, due to a variety of factors, they can survive and be restricted in the vagina and become a normal flora without causing disease.

Long-term use of sanitary pads will greatly increase local humidity and temperature, especially in hot flashes.

This not only creates suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi, but also destroys the pH of the vagina, reduces the local protective barrier, and can cause vaginitis. In addition, the friction of the sanitary pad can easily cause damage to the local skin or hair follicles, and diseases such as vulvar folliculitis. Therefore, the sanitary pad should not be used for a long time. It is even more wrong to think that the use of the pad does not need to clean the part every day.

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