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Brief Description of Diaper Type

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The types of diapers, in terms of material, can be divided into cloth diapers and paper diapers.

Of all the baby diapers, cotton diapers have the oldest history. The comfort and breathability of pure cotton is one of the great advantages of cotton diapers. Cotton diapers are cheaper and can be reused. Cloth diapers with good absorbability and tightness, not easy to cause skin allergy or diaper rash, but not convenient to clean and carry; Diaper is convenient to carry, do not have to clean, but have allergic skin baby must be changed.

Diapers should be changed, washed and ironed frequently, and exposed to the sun. If the diaper is not changed in a timely manner, the baby’s skin is more likely to be stimulated by defecation, urination and detergent residues on the diaper, resulting in hip redness and diaper rash. Frequently wash the role of hot is obvious, can wash the urine that remains on diaper already, wait for contaminant, can have disinfection effect again. Insolation is to use the irradiation of ultraviolet ray in sunshine to come disinfection, it is better than air, dry the method such as drying much.

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