Breathable PE Film

Product name: lamination backsheet
Color: Customer’s Requirement
Usage: Disposable Sheet
Composition: Nonwoven Fabric Raw Materia
MOQ: 1 container
Application: Waterproof Roll
Packing: Plastic Film Packaging
Raw Material: pe+nonwoven
Certification: Nelson

Breathable PE Film Material

raw materials: lamination back sheet
gsm: 24-30gsm
color: Customized according to customer requirements
width: Customized according to customer requirements
roll diameter: 450-750mm
5% Tensile force at break point g/inch: MD>200,CD>200
Tensile force at break point g/inch: MD>800, CD>600
Elongation(%:)MD>200, CD>300
Material Origin: China
Quality Guarantee Period: 2 Years
Service: OEM &ODM, Customized Specification, One to-One Communication, Free Samples
Lead Time: 25-45 Days from Deposit
Payment Term: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Cash

breathable PE film is a new type of breathable and impermeable material in the world. The main component is polyethylene. To be precise, it is a polymer material synthesized from polyethylene. Because of its soft skin-friendly, high tensile strength, and good moisture permeability, it is widely used in various fields of life, such as women’s sanitary napkins, pad bottom films, baby diapers, diapers, etc. At the same time, breathable PE film is also the most important material for medical packaging of masks. breathable PE  film is also known as a breathable film. At present, diapers (including baby and adult diapers), sanitary napkins, and mummy towels basically use breathable PE films, and the air permeability is about 2000-2500.

First, the characteristics of breathable PE film:

1. Good air permeability It can pass gas but not water, so it can not only effectively isolate moisture, but also discharge heat and moisture. It can be used as a waterproof material and has moisture resistance.
2. The skin-friendly and soft breathable PE film has an excellent hand feeling, and the products made of it are soft and comfortable. Compared with ordinary non-breathable membranes, it is not easy to cause red butt problems such as eczema to the delicate skin of babies. 3. It has excellent tensile strength and extensibility, which can properly improve the air convection in the user’s small environment, which is beneficial to skin breathing.
4. Green environmental protection Due to the characteristics of its raw materials, breathable PE film is a new environmentally friendly material that does not damage the environment.
5. Good chemical resistance, not easy to corrode

Second, the principle of breathable PE film: 

Breathable PE film is made of LDPE/LLDPE polyethylene resin carrier, adding about 50% of special calcium carbonate for blending, and directional stretching at a certain rate after extrusion into film. Since polyethylene resin is a thermoplastic material, it can be stretched and crystallized under certain conditions. During stretching, the interface between the polymer and the calcium carbonate particles is peeled off, and interconnected meandering pores are formed around the calcium carbonate particles. or channels, it is these pores and channels that give the membrane its breathable (wet) function, thereby communicating the environment on both sides of the membrane.

Third, the scope of application of breathable PE  film: 

1. Daily necessities: raincoats, suit jackets, eye masks, various tablecloths, shower caps, shower curtains, water bags, tablecloths, etc.
2. Hygiene products: diapers, sanitary napkins, medical surgical gowns, special medical packaging, and food packaging.
3. Packaging supplies: computer, air-conditioning electrical dust cover, car cover, cosmetic flexible packaging, shopping bags, gift bags, file folders.
4. Packaging bags, etc.: fashion packaging, cosmetic bags, advanced stationery, embracing saliva shoulders, wardrobes, fishing bags, handbags, and other product applications.
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