Bopp Fast Easy Tape For Sanitary Napkins

Adhesive Side: Single-Sided
Design Printing: Offer Printing
Useage: Sticking for sanitary napkins
Dimension: 28±0.5mm or customized
Non-adhesive area: 3±1mm
Adhesive: Silicone
Adhesive Type: Hot Melt

Bopp Fast Easy Tape For Sanitary Napkins

1. The Sticky Tape is made of PP and Hot Adhesive, which is used to the individual packing film of the sanitary napkin, with the extent of 3±1mm.
2. The Sticky Tape is used to the individual packing film of all kinds of sanitary napkin.
3. The extent of the non-adhesive area is 3±1mm and the length of one roll is 800mm.
4. The direction of the Sticky Tape: Tape A and type B.
5. We can design the different sticky abilities based on the different producing conditions.
The combination between the sticky tapes and the film will be enhanced after disposing of the film.
6. The period of validity of the Sticky Tape: one year.
7. We can produce Sticky Tape in a different dimensions as your requirements


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