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You have found the right place to order Baby Diaper Raw Material! We Gente Dipaers Ltd., understand how hard it can be when you’re new in this disposable diaper material business of making baby diapers. That is why we offer our customers with low prices and high-quality products that will make your work easier in production process without compromising on safety standards or quality parameters . Give us call now for more information about buying  raw materials for diaper making, like Non woven fabric, etc.

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Introduction diaper raw material

Need for baby diapers

A diaper is a type of underwear that allows the babies to urinate or defecate without the hassle of going to the toilet. Diapers are necessary for newborn babies, especially as they often urinate and defecate. They need to be changed after a few hours to avoid rashes.

Babies have soft and sensitive skin, which can be irritated easily due to prolonged moisture. In the early 1950s, people used cloth diapers for babies, which chafed baby skin resulting in horrible diaper rash. People started experimenting to find a solution to this problem, and after some years, they came up with the idea of disposable baby diapers. After many tried and tested experiments, the baby diapers which are available today finally came into being.

Hygiene and sanitation are extremely important for babies. Sanitation prevents the spread of disease and infections. Sanitation includes better services, facilities, and an environment for children to grow. Poor sanitation poses a risk to the overall growth and development of the children. The children get malnourished and develop diseases.

Healthy options of sanitation for babies

As babies poop and pee every 3 to 4 hours so babies must remain dry to avoid any rashes and irritation. Following are the healthy options to keep the baby dry:

1.Baby diapers

As told earlier, baby diapers are the best way to keep the baby from developing infections. You can take your babies anywhere by putting diapers on them. They feel free and easy to carry around. They are available everywhere in the world. Some people purchase baby diapers wholesale to get rid of high prices. Parents who have many babies in their homes under the age of two need to purchase baby diapers in bulk.


Pull-ups are another type of diaper and worn like underwear. Babies feel free and relaxed. They can easily roam around in the play area. There is no need to open and attach the diaper straps. Busy parents who want to potty train their infants can use these pull-up diapers. A clean, dry bottom of the baby gives them peace of mind. There are many different types of pull-up diapers, depending on the absorbency levels.

●Pull-up diaper with side snaps

These are easy to pull off and on. The pull-up diaper with side snaps can be used whenever the child needs to pee. They are an excellent choice for beginners.

●Pull-up diapers with the frontal panel fastening system

These diapers help to adjust the fit according to the waist size. These diapers are easily customized by adjusting them. They avoid bulkiness from around the waist. These diapers come under undergarments and generate a lot of revenue in the open market.

●Pull-up diapers with front and back plastic lining

These diapers have soft cushioning inside, which means that the child cannot wake up from sleep due to the irritating crackling noise. The baby can easily sleep through the night without getting woken up.

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Do you want to start a diaper business?

If you want to jump into the bandwagon of diaper businesses, then Gentle diaper Ltd is the best baby diaper material supplier to contact. We are a B2B company with excellent production capacity. We offer to supply the baby diaper raw material for your business at affordable rates. We do not compromise on the quality standards. Each and everything is done keeping the needs and requirements of our customers.

The diaper industry is a booming industry throughout the world, especially in the European countries, North America and South America. There are a large number of consumers in these countries as people are quite busy, which is why they want a hassle-free solution to their child’s potty train problems.

We specialize in the production of non-woven fabric, Spandex yarn for baby diaper raw materials, pe film back sheets, frontal sheets with customized logos, and SAP for making baby diapers. Our professional services include valuable suggestions regarding the procurement and production of baby diaper raw materials.

Even if you want to make baby diapers in your own factory or warehouse, Gentle diaper Ltd can provide you with used and refurbished machines for the production of baby diapers. You can simply buy the necessary baby diaper raw material and machine from us at low prices and start making your own baby diapers exactly according to your requirements. It is totally up to you whether you want to get the necessary supply of raw material from us or buy machines from us; gentle diaper Ltd is at your service.

raw material for diaper manufacturing

Since the raw material is an essential part of the production process, it is better not to compromise on the quality standards. Gentle Diapers Ltd has always been active in maintaining the quality of its products. They ensure that they offer the highest standard of quality to their customers. If you are new to this business, then Gentle Diapers Ltd can prove to be the best supplier to source baby diaper raw material.

The following diapers raw materials for baby diapers are being produced in our factory.

1) Spandex Yarn for Diaper raw material

Spandex yarn is a type of elastic fiber which has proved to be an essential part of diapers over the years. It contains elastic properties, due to which it is mostly referred to as ‘elastic yarn.’ Due to its textured material, it helps absorb moisture, making it a perfect fit for the absorption of babies’ leakage.

Spandex yarn comprises natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and raw elastane fiber pattern. They are used in making diapers’ leg cuffs to prevent any leakage. Sourced from China, the yarn comes in black and white colors. Gentle diaper Ltd offers its customers the facility of supplying 10000 spandex yarn per week which is huge for a promising start-up.


Advantages of spandex yarn for baby and adult diaper raw material


There are multiple advantages of this excellent yarn for the production of diapers for babies and adults.


  • The elastic of this baby diaper raw material is excellent in terms of its recovery and high tension.
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Good quality compliance
  • Free samples can be sent to the customers for quality check
  • The diaper machine can use this spandex yarn as baby diaper raw material to produce leakage proof diapers
  • No rashes or irritation is caused to the soft baby’s skin using this baby diaper raw material
  • The cost of elastic material is significantly reduced due to its maximum elongation quality and high tension
  • The sole reason for using spandex yarn in the leg cuff is to prevent maximum leakage. It is difficult to break.
  • At Gentle Diaper Ltd, we are always available for the customers to offer any kind of professional suggestions regarding baby diaper raw material.  

 2)  Pe film back sheet raw material

It is a soft and breathable baby diaper raw material that can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. It can be printed in any form and color. Due to its excellent physical properties, it is not harsh on soft skin. The soft, breathable material is a perfect choice material used in diapers as well as adult diapers. The patterns and shapes on the pe film can be printed in accordance with the choice of our customers.

This baby diaper raw material comprises high elasticity and tension. It does not tear away due to maximum leakage. The back sheet is available in both varieties; breathable and non-breathable. The 3D Leak Prevention Channel is an excellent feature of this baby diaper raw material. Due to its prominent properties, the back sheet is being sold in 50000 kgs per week. The production capacity of our company is large enough to provide maximum supply to its customers.

3)  SAP for diaper absorbent material

Those absorbent diaper making materials in diapers are made up of Sodium polyacrylate. Sodium possesses high absorption properties. It has the ability to absorb large amounts of water. Sodium polyacrylate is available in powdered form, stuffed inside the baby diapers to soak in extra moisture and leakage. It has a water-holding capacity of 35 g. This diaper material absorbent can also be used in making sanitary napkins, underpads, diapers, absorbent paper and pet pads, adult diaper raw materials, etc.

Gentle diaper Ltd has a production capacity of 1000 tons per month. The SAP is delivered to the customers by wrapping in PE/PP wrapping film, then wrapped by the carton. The following are the specifics of this excellent baby diaper raw material:

Certificates CE, ISO9001:2008

Water Content ≤6%

Particle Size 60-80 mesh

Water Sopping Ratio 500-800 g

Brine Absorption (0.9% NaCl) 58 g

Water-holding Capacity 35 g

Pressurized Absorption 25 g

Absorption Rate ≤45

Bulk Density 0.6-0.73 g/ml

PH Value 5.9-6.4

Apparent Specific Gravity 0.6

4) Frontal tape for diapers

Made up of non-woven fabric, this baby diaper raw material is soft and breathable. The frontal tape can be used for baby diapers, adult diapers, and pants. It can be printed according to the requirements of the customers. The customers will be given free samples to try and test their product. The raw material is wrapped in PE/PP wrapping film for protection purposes. It has been designed and produced in such a way that it does not cause any irritation for the wearer of baby diapers or adult diapers.

Gentle diaper Ltd has various pre-developed options to choose from. The customers can also give their own prints of customized logos to be printed on the frontal tape. Our company can produce 500,000 square meters of frontal tape per day.

5) Non-Woven Fabric for Pull up Diapers

This recyclable and breathable raw material for baby diapers is wrapped in spun-bonded. It has high strength and elongation properties, which is excellent in providing the perfect fit for the wearer. Babies can wear diapers easily due to this highly elastic non-woven fabric. It is 100% eco-friendly and free of any chemicals. This fabric is available in many different colors and can be customized in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

6) Breathable pe film

This laminated back sheet can be customized according to the demand of the customers. The logo of the brand can be printed in the most efficient way possible. A custom logo is the representation of the brand, so a unique logo will make the brand distinguished from others. A creative logo on the back sheet of a good quality diaper is not a bad option. The disposable sheet of the diaper soaks in moisture and avoids spreading any smell to the surroundings.


Best diaper material supplier

Gentle diaper Ltd specializes in the production and supply of raw materials for baby diapers and sanitary pads, face masks, and wet wipes. As one of diaper raw material suppliers in China, we can assure you that no other supplier in the market can offer raw material production at low prices. If you have just started your business, you can do a thorough analysis of the market before deciding upon the supply chain and production process.

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