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Are baby diaper for newborn good? 6 key points to keep in mind

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Choosing a cost-effective baby diaper for newborn suitable for babies is exactly what every parent thinks about day and night. If you want to choose the right baby diaper for newborn, you can’t get around the following 6 points.

Point 1: First look at the size, then touch the softness, and finally compare the waist and leg fit

When a baby is first born, many parents will receive diapers from relatives and friends, and some parents buy baby diaper for newborn in advance during pregnancy. At this time, you must pay attention to the size. The model of a child’s diaper is determined based on the weight, and the size of the diaper particularly affects the baby’s activities. If it is too tight, it will hold the baby’s skin and make the baby uncomfortable, and the baby’s delicate skin will increase the risk of rashes due to repeated friction. If it is too loose, the effect of the package will not be achieved, and urine and urine may leak onto the bed, increasing the parents’ labor.

The smallest size is NB type diapers. NB stands for newborn, which is suitable for newborn babies under 1 month. Babies older than one month will gain a lot of weight, so parents don’t need to stock up too much NB diapers. After choosing the right size, it is best for parents to touch the diaper with their hands to feel the softness of the inner material. Because the baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive than the adult’s. If adults feel rough to the touch, then this diaper is not suitable for children. Next, after putting on the baby’s diapers, pay attention to whether the diapers fit the baby’s body.

Point 2: Touch the thickness and measure the air permeability

Summer is here, and the child’s delicate skin has to withstand the test of temperature. Diapers, as personal items that need to be used 24 hours a day, must be light and breathable. Generally, the thickness of a single-piece diaper that is not disassembled should be within 1 cm after heavy pressure, which is about the length of a fingernail.

Point 3: Look at the water absorption, look at the lumps

The strong water absorption capacity of diapers can ensure that the baby’s butt is dry and does not need to be replaced frequently, especially at night, to ensure the baby and parents’ sleep.

Point 4: No leakage design, extra points!

If the diaper absorbs enough water to leak out from the back and outside, the child’s clothing and bedding will still be soaked in urine during actual use. Those diapers with a side leakage and urine-proof isolation layer are really good for parents.

Point 5: Pay attention to safety and look at various certifications

Diapers, as a daily necessities for babies to wear closely and frequently used, their safety is the top priority of parents.

The current standard for diapers in my country is GB/T 28004-2011 “diapers (sheets, pads)”, and more and more diaper manufacturers participate in the certification of standards in various countries in order to enhance their competitiveness. Basically, it can be said that parents do not have to worry about safety issues with all kinds of certified diapers. It is recommended that parents buy diapers through regular channels with stable supply.

Point 6: Look at the price/performance ratio before buying

With the rapid advancement of diaper technology, the gap between brands has become more and more subtle. Therefore, the price/performance ratio increasingly influences parents’ purchasing decisions. In the case of complying with the above, products with preferential prices are of course the most suitable option. In addition to paying attention to discount information, there is also a good way to control expenditure: not deliberately pursuing overseas import. Nowadays, the rise of various domestic brands gives us more choices. Most of these brands have such characteristics-in terms of raw materials, craftsmanship and quality, there will be strict self-requirements that do not lose to the big names.

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