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Babies less than 3 months old often have acquired hip dislocation, which is caused by the improper placement of diaper pads.

Babies are born in the shape of crabs, with legs apart and knees bent, a natural position. In this position, the top of the thigh bone hangs on the joint socket, legs in the exercise of kicking, hip joint will develop smoothly, even if standing will not slip off. But when a baby’s knees are stretched out to bring his legs together, the muscles attached to his thigh bones tense and the tip slips. This can disrupt the development of the socket cap that holds the top of the thigh bone, causing dislocation.

Therefore, the diaper pad is very important. The baby’s legs should be in a natural position as far as possible, and the free movement of the hips and knees should not be affected in the wrapping. Just place the diaper on your thighs. While triangle nappies will keep the baby in a natural position, they can also interfere with the natural movement of the legs if they are too tight.

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