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A Brief Introduction To The Use Of Diapers

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1. Apply oil and paste before use

Parents can buy vaseline oil, zinc oxide ointment and other diaper creams on the market, rub them on baby’s skin surface and use them together with diapers to make baby’s skin no longer moist. Attention should be paid to the use of baby powder, although baby powder can make the baby’s skin dry and comfortable, but once excreted, baby powder will be wet, will not re-effect. If a large amount of baby powder is used, the baby is likely to inhale it, damaging the baby’s health, so baby powder is not suitable for this age of the baby, parents should be careful to use.

2. Prepare essential supplies

When putting on a new diaper, it is recommended to prepare everything in advance, such as applied cream or oil, clean diapers, soft towels and warm water. First will use the diaper away, such as found baby defecation, still need warm water and towel to clean the baby’s lower body, wash not clean it is necessary to use mild soap to clean, then dry, apply cream or oil, finally put on a new diaper.

3. Change diapers regularly

In order to better protect the baby’s skin, diapers should be changed frequently. It is best to use products with large absorption and good absorption effect, so that the baby’s skin will be dry and healthy, and will not touch a variety of diseases.

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