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7 Misunderstandings About Using Branded Sanitary Pads

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Every time the “big aunt”, the intimate assistant is undoubtedly a branded sanitary pads. However, if you use sanitary napkins incorrectly, germs may harm your private parts. Therefore, I will give you a popularization of common sense and the 7 major misunderstandings of using sanitary napkins. You must pay attention!

1: Put sanitary napkins in the bathroom

Since sanitary napkins are packaged in multiple layers, many women usually think that they do not have to worry about the invasion of bacteria, dust and other substances, so they usually do not pay much attention to the placement of sanitary napkins. Many women usually choose to put sanitary napkins in the bathroom, but experts point out that this is the most unscientific and unhygienic. Because the bathroom is usually not exposed to the sun all day long and it is too humid, if the sanitary napkins are left in such an environment for a long time, a lot of molds will grow and contaminate the sanitary napkins, which will eventually affect women’s health.

Two: Buy without looking at the shelf life

Many women buy many packs of sanitary napkins at once for convenience. However, branded sanitary pads have very strict hygiene requirements. The closer the production date, the more assured the quality.

Three: I like to buy promotional products. Generally speaking, promotional products and gifts are often unsold products sold by merchants. For example, the use of materials will be more economical, the testing will be more relaxed, the inventory time will be longer, etc., the quality of the products is difficult to ensure.

4: Do not wash hands before using sanitary napkins

This is a common problem that many women frequently commit. Whether it is unpacking or smoothing or pasting sanitary napkins, many women do not have the habit of washing their hands. Our hands are exposed to different substances every day. It is difficult for us to guarantee that these things will not contain some disease-causing viruses and bacteria. If we do not wash our hands before using the bathroom, a large number of germs will be brought to the sanitary napkin.

Five: like sanitary napkins with medicine or fragrance

Most doctors do not approve of sanitary napkins with medicines or fragrances. Because drugs or fragrance ingredients may have adverse effects on the body.

Six: Change sanitary napkins not diligently

According to the survey, Chinese women consume significantly less sanitary napkins per menstrual period than European, American and Japanese women, and they should not change sanitary napkins because of savings.

Seven: blindly pursuing large absorption

If you are lazy to replace branded sanitary pads, this is very wrong, because this can easily lead to bacterial growth.

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