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5 Common Sense About The Use Of Sanitary Napkins

5 Common Sense About The Use Of Sanitary Napkins

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5 Common Sense About The Use Of Sanitary Napkins

Women need to use sanitary napkins when menstruating. If the use of sanitary napkins is not careful, it may affect women’s health and even cause some gynecological diseases. Therefore, you must pay more attention to those things about the use of the bathroom, especially the following points.
So what should you pay attention to when using the bathroom?

1. Frequent Replacement

When women use sanitary napkins during menstruation, they should be replaced frequently, preferably every 2 to 4 hours. In order to avoid frequently going to the toilet, many women choose some sanitary napkins with relatively large absorption capacity, so that they do not need to be replaced for a long time, but this approach is wrong. Breeding some bacteria will directly endanger the health of women’s private parts.

2. Do Not Put Sanitary Napkins On The Toilet

For the convenience of daily use, many women like to put sanitary napkins directly in the toilet. This approach seems reasonable, and it is indeed more convenient to use. However, the bathroom is relatively humid, and bacteria and viruses are easy to breed. If sanitary napkins are placed in the bathroom for a long time, bacteria and viruses are prone to appear on the surface of the sanitary napkins. After use, it may cause infection in the private parts and affect the health of the body.

3. Use Sanitary Napkins With Caution

Medicinal sanitary napkins have a cleaning effect on the genitals and can prevent some gynecological diseases. However, this kind of sanitary napkin is not suitable for everyone. Some people may have allergies after using it, such as genital itching. It is not recommended to use it, so if you want to use sanitary napkins for medicine, it is best to consult your doctor first.

4. Do Not Use Sanitary Napkins During Non-menstrual Periods

Many women also like to use sanitary napkins when they are not menstruating, thinking that it is more clean and hygienic, but the air permeability of sanitary napkins is relatively poor, and the private parts will be wet after long-term use, which is easy to breed bacteria and cause some gynecological diseases . In addition, long-term friction between the toilet and the skin may cause skin damage and cause diseases such as vulvar folliculitis, so it is not recommended to use it during non-menstrual periods.

5. Pay Attention To The Shelf Life

Many women like to stock up on sanitary napkins in large quantities, especially when they are on discount, which saves money and is more convenient. However, sanitary napkins also have a shelf life, of usually three years. If you store too many sanitary napkins and don’t pay attention to the shelf life, the sanitary area may be used beyond the expiration date, which may breed bacteria and affect your health.

In Conclusion

In addition, when buying sanitary napkins, try not to choose scented sanitary napkins. Although this kind of sanitary napkin can cover the special smell of menstruation, it is generally irritating when added to fragrance ingredients, such as skin allergies, inflammation, and itching. class questions. In addition, you need to wash your hands before changing the sanitary napkin, so as to avoid bringing the bacteria on your hands to the sanitary napkin, and then enter the private parts of women, causing gynecological diseases.

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